Tempered glass


Tempered Glass or also known as Toughened Glass is manufactured through several layers of heat treatment. It is designed with extra strength, heat, pressure and thermal resistance and offers the security of not shattering when broken.

3 – 19mm

Max Size:
Flat – 13000 x 3300mm
Curved – 2500 x 2800mm

Standard or Extra Clear Toughened Glass

Additional notes:
Polished edges, heat stability, 5 times the strength of float glass, shatter proof, curved or flat finishes.

Australian Bollards offer two different types of glass; Extra Clear Toughened Glass and Standard Glass. Standard glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and the edges can produce a very dark green detail. Extra Clear Toughened Glass is low in iron and nearly transparent in colour. Both styles of glass are popular for their unique appeal and colour character.

All of our glass products can be customisable with all internal corners being a radius of 50mm and external corners having a radius of 5mm and polished edges.