Fire Resistant Glass


Fire Resistant Glass by Australian Bollards is used to prevent high intensity heat and fires from spreading through walls and glass. Manufactured by a process of toughened monolithic cesiumic potassium flameproof glass it is several times the strength of float glass and has strong fire resistance, and high durability.

Our Fire Resistance Glass is easily installed and is similar to installing common glass, it can be modified into laminated safety glass, insulated glass, glass curtain wall etc.

3 – 19mm

Max Size:
3000 x 8000mm (above 6mm)
2440 x 4800mm (below 5mm)

Standard or Extra Clear Toughened Glass

Glass Standards for Fire Resistant Glass:

The Australian Standard, AS 3959:2009, specifies the requirements and functional properties for various safety glazing materials of buildings in bush-fire prone areas or fire resistant glass. In order to improve the glasses performance when it is subjected to burning debris, radiant heat or flame contact generated from a bushfire it must undergo a series of tests. The tests include a methodology for assessing categories of bushfire attack in respect of a site situated in an area that has been designated by a relevant authority as bush-fire prone.

Australian Glass keeps itself up to date with the security standards outlined and provides complete planning and advisory prior to installation of our glass products. All of our products meet these Australian Standards, and are tested against these requirements.

Additional notes:
Polished edges

Australian Bollards offer two different types of glass; Extra Clear Toughened Glass and Standard Glass. Standard glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and the edges can produce a very dark green detail. Extra Clear Toughened Glass is low in iron and nearly transparent in colour. Both styles of glass are popular for their unique appeal and colour character.

All of our glass products can be customisable with all internal corners being a radius of 50mm and external corners having a radius of 5mm and polished edges.



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